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Dental Insurance

Research shows that oral health and overall health are closely related. So when you keep your teeth healthy, you are also helping to keep your body healthy.

Our PPO Dental plan offers coverage options for preventive/ diagnostic, basic and major restorative services through Careington’s Maximum Care network of 200,000 providers.

Applying is simple and can be completed in minutes.

PPO Dental At A Glance

100% coverage on both plans for many preventive services like cleanings, X-rays and oral exams2

Complements your Original Medicare insurance plan

Large network of dentists and specialists to choose from; visit to view a list of in-network providers

Pays up to $1,000 per person, per calendar year for covered services on the Premiere Plan

Affordable premiums that do not increase as you get older with Basic coverage starting at $19.99 per month

per Month $19.99


Almost everyone will need some kind of dental work… sooner or later. Don’t wait until it’s too late.
Get Dental Insurance for yourself or your family.

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